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Why You Need to Try Scary Things

nervous woman biting her nails

If someone offered you an opportunity that was outside of your comfort zone, would you give it a shot? Or would you bow out?

“I have to do what??”

I was contacted to do a talk as part of a very creative event called Petcha Kucha. I have no idea what this phrase means. I believe it’s the Japanese word for “impossible speaking assignment that will create extreme panic and make you want to throw up.”

Well, I didn’t throw up but I almost bailed. Why? I had to speak with slides! Not a big deal, you say? How about speak with 20 slides that are timed 20 seconds apart. That’s a seriously fast talk! This was my proposed TED talk – on steroids! It was called Rhythm Connection: The Healing Power of Drumming.

I had to tell my story of how drumming helped me heal and how I’ve helped others, explain a little of the science of behind the drumming, and do a quick drumming exercise – all in 6 minutes! I never speak with slides and I have to run through 20 of them?! Now, I’m panicking.

Ok, so I picked out my photos. I plopped them into PowerPoint and set up the timing to 20 seconds each. I had to change my talk a bit to fit the event and to match the slides. I did a trial run and I couldn’t remember my dang lines! I practiced over and over again and messed up every time. I got to the event and received some news that made me ever more nervous!

You can find out more of what happened in this quick video, along with some tips to conquer stage fright:

Challenge yourself

Now, I know I can speak with timed slides. And with 14 more minutes, that would’ve been a slammin’ TED talk!

You can’t stay in your comfort zone if you want to grow your talent, your expertise, your business, or your career. Do hard things, even if they’re scary. This gets your body and brain used to challenges and makes the next challenge even easier.

How about you? What hard or scary thing did you try? How did it turn out?

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