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How Drumming Helps You Focus

Are you having trouble focusing? One easy way to boost your focus is drumming! Easy beats and rhythms on a hand drum, drum pad, or even just your lap or desk can help you get into the zone. You don’t need to learn how to play the full drum set but that works as well.

Solutions for an overactive mind
Therapeutic drumming helps reduce stress and calms your brain so you can focus better. It also can give you a clarity boost! The easy, repetitive beats and bilateral movements really help balance both sides of your brain and improves focus.

Take my client in London, for example. When COVID hit, this singer/songwriter didn’t know how he’d be able to move his music career forward if he couldn’t perform. He does have a day job but he also has loads of talent. And, like many creatives, ADHD. When stress kicks in, this increases ADHD symptoms. It makes focusing, setting goals, and finishing things extremely difficult.

My 12-week drum therapy program helped clear the clutter and reduce stress. Soon, he was able to see possibilities. He added in two coaching sessions a month and now he’s about to launch an online service for songwriters. This will help him create an additional revenue stream and he doesn’t need to leave home to do it.

Sometimes, it takes someone who can encourage you, brainstorm with you, and push you to complete your goals. This can boost your clarity, your confidence, AND your income!

When things come in focus

Clarity often comes when you take a break and stop overthinking things! Many creatives and entrepreneurs can’t focus because they have too many ideas and they make things harder than they need to be.

This is where drum therapy can help. My adult clients often gain instant clarity or at least within the first three sessions. The combination of easy, repetitive beats, special exercises, and the things I say help to unlock what’s tripping you up.

It’s NOT a drum lesson! My clients get some mentoring and loads of encouragement. As a result, they find solutions to problems, ideas for programs and services, a boost in confidence, and sometimes even healing.

In order to move forward, you need to:
* Be open
* Be willing to dig deep
* Be willing to make some changes
* And do them!

Clarity changes everything!

Once you identify what’s causing the issue, you can switch things up and breathe a bit. You need to find the right beat. It’s like trying to drum along to a song. You need to know when to come in and what the right tempo is. Otherwise, everything will be thrown off.

If you or your child needs help moving forward, why not sign up for your free call to see if my services are a good fit. If not, no worries!  

My drum therapy programs are science-based and have been successfully used with all sorts of physical, emotional, and cognitive issues. Plus, the sessions are fun! The price of these programs is a little more than regular drum lessons but the benefits are pretty amazing! A beautiful drum is included and will be shipped to your house (US clients only)!

Click here to see a fun focusing and coordination exercise that you can do at home!

Photo credit: Jenny Midgley, www.jennymidgley.com

Dori Staehle lives in the Raleigh, NC area and is a certified drum therapist, Toca Percussion artist, author, speaker, ADHD specialist, and owner of Next Stage Drumming. Dori offers a unique blend of music, mentoring, motivation, and ministry. She specializes in kids and adults with ADHD and special needs, and stressed out entrepreneurs. Virtual and in-person programs are available. Click here to schedule a call to find out more!