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Are You Prepared for Takeoff?

It’s one thing to talk about your dreams or making a change. It’s another thing to actually take action and move forward.

One thing I’ve learned in my many years of working with creatives and entrepreneurs is that you have to be ready to jump when an opportunity presents itself. You may not get a second chance. Sometimes, it’s now or never.

That’s how my son and I traveled to France with a rock band from a church that we just happened to visit. It was our first visit and we knew no one. But they did a video announcement and we learned the band was going to France! They were going to participate in the International Music Festival in Lille and do some outdoor performances for a local church, as an outreach effort. The band was going to play cover tunes from the ‘70’s to the ‘90’s and some Christian rock as well.

However, they were missing two key members of their team: a translator and a drummer. My son and I looked at each other and we knew: We had to go! He’s an awesome drummer and I speak French. We signed on, raised some money for the trip, put a rush on our passports, and hopped on the plane. Our son was only 15. What a great experience!

(You can read more about this story in my latest book, Rise Up & Rock: Activating Your God-given Purpose, along with other inspiring success stories.)

Timing is Everything

In drumming, as in life, timing is everything. It pays to be prepared and in position, so you can jump in and not miss a beat. When things don’t line up as I had hoped, it’s usually because the timing just wasn’t right or that I wasn’t fully prepared. God’s timing is different from your own.

Here are a few tips:

1) Be open and available! Yes, there will be obstacles but if you really want to do something, you’ll find a way to do it! Stay open to possibilities.

2) Get out of your head! You don’t need to know every single detail about how something is going to work out. You just need to take the first step.

3) Be ready to receive. When you say “Yes!” to your dreams, you will receive blessings that you didn’t expect. Other doors may open and people may appear right when you need them. You have to be ready to take action and do what’s needed or they’ll slip away.

4) Get Ready for Takeoff! I have a very strong feeling that 2022 is going to be a very powerful year of positive shift and change. I keep meeting new clients who have the potential to start something really big. They just don’t know it yet!

Fasten your seat belts and make sure your tray is in the upright position! It’s time to prepare for takeoff! Are you ready?

If you know it’s time to move forward and you’re ready to take action, why not schedule a free call , so we can discuss your options? If my services aren’t a good fit for you, I may have other people I can connect you with.

Photo credit: Jenny Midgley, www.jennymidgley.com
Dori Staehle lives in the Raleigh, NC area and is a mentor, an inspirational speaker, certified drum therapist, percussionist, author, and owner of Next Stage Drumming. She and her son actually went to France three years in a row with this band. She later joined the band as a percussionist and played with them for thirteen years. Dori offers virtual drum therapy sessions and coaching, along with rockin’, interactive events.