Time to Rise Up and Move Forward!

This year is going to require some additional attitude! In order to rise up and move forward, you may need to be more intentional and focused.

If things didn’t go as planned last year or totally unraveled, you may be feeling a wee bit angry or frustrated right about now. Well, guess what? Anger can fuel change.

Think about what you’re doing in your business, career, ministry, or life, or what you’d like to do. If you’d like to help people and make some positive change in this world, that’s a form of activism. If you’re uncomfortable with the word “activist,” you can replace it with this one: Leader.

Activating your dream or your mission

In order to be an activist, you have to not only be active, you have to actually activate your dream or your mission. That means being deliberate in what you do and taking action! Is that enough alliteration for you? Lol!


1) What do you really need to be doing right now? What’s really important?
2) Who is your target market or audience?
3) What do you need to start or create?
4) What do you need to drop or stop doing?
5) How can you serve people with kindness and integrity?

As you may know, my main focus is drum therapy. You may have no idea what it is and how it’s different from a drum lesson, however. Please take a peek at this 6-min. video. Maybe you know someone who could benefit or who has a child who needs this. My goal is to provide hope, healing, and game plan for success for as many kids and adults as I can. I know drum therapy works. I’d like others to know, too.

Ready to take the next step?

I’ve added several different services recently, including virtual group drumming classes, virtual private and group drum therapy programs, and a new 12-week virtual group coaching program for women called (What else?) Rise Up and Rock, which is starting in February! It will be a faith-based program with action steps, based on my new book. I’m looking for “different drummers” – women who aren’t afraid to step outside the box and use their gifts to make a difference.

Isn’t it time to finally get unstuck and activate your God-given gifts and your mission? Why not schedule a free call to see if any of these programs would be a good fit for you? If not, I may have other ideas for you.

It’s time to stop holding back! It’s time to Rise Up and Rock!

Dori the Drum ChickDori Staehle, MBA is from the Raleigh, NC area and is a certified drum therapist, percussionist, mentor, ADHD specialist, Toca percussion artist, and owner of Next Stage Drumming. Dori loves to share the joy and healing power of drumming! She also empowers teens and women to use their gifts. Dori is also an inspirational speaker and author of Find Your Divine Rhythm: A Creative’s Success Formula. She will soon be releasing her second book, which is about rising up and activating your purpose. Dori is able to work virtually with individuals and groups all over the world.